Thinner titanium face creates higher face
rebound and longer carry.

Higher trajectory and longer carry are facilitated by creating a low center of gravity with Tungsten weights placed behind the face.

Upright position (Lie angle:61‹for #5 iron) is extremely forgiving and provides a powerful loft angle (25‹for #5 iron) for longer carry.

Longer irons (#3 and #4) are designed with the a low center of gravity using wider, lower tungsten weights .

Middle iron (#5,#6 and #7) are designed for easy playability, their Tungsten weights placed in the direct center of the club head.

Short irons (#8 iron through Sandwedge) are designed for control and accuracy with thicker top blades.


(5`9,P,P/S,S)8I(Carbon) ‚P‚X‚Q,‚O‚O‚O
I3,4(Option) ‚Q‚S,‚O‚O‚O

‘HEAD  Stainless, Tungsten and Pure Titanium
‘FLEX  ‚k^‚q^‚r
‘LENGTH  (L)I3 38inch,(R,S)I3 39inch
‘SHAFT  TYPHOON PRO K-1 Exclusive Shaft
‘ GRIP  TYPHOON PRO K-1 Original Rubber Cord Grip